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Our 1 day Time Management Seminar is a hands-on Program designed to significantly improve the Participants time and self-management Skills


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Stopuhr Klein

Key learning objectives for this program

Time Management Matrix
  • Understanding our current time management habits through the application of a time log
  • Understanding our current perceptions about time and how they influence our time manegement habits
  • Grouping of tasks according to the 4 quadrants of the time management matrix
  • Learning how to separate the vital from the trivial activities
  • Understanding how our job description and our annual objectives and goals are driving our time management decisions
  • How to pro-actively develop a strategic and tactical time management plan
  • How to avoid the 10 deadly time management traps
Time matrix
Get organized

Overview of time management
tools and techniques

  • Participants will learn how to re-organize the work place
  • Office re-design
  • Desk re-organization
  • How to develop a prioritized daily task list
  • How to stick to your plan
  • How to get rid of clutter
  • How to re-shape the work flow in your office
  • Computer and file organization
  • How to identify and eliminate time wasters


  • Paper based time management systems & tools
  • Computer based time management sytems & tools
  • How to maximize productivity in meetings
  • How to use project management principles to maximize the value of your time investment
  • How to develop the winning attitude and consistent work habits
  • How to successfully use techniques in the private life