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Our Team Facilitation / Moderation Capabilities are an integral part of our Problem Solving Methodolgy we use in our consulting work for our Clients.
Maximum Team Output with Minimum Time Investment!


With our unique "semi structured" facilitation technique, we lead teams in a very effective and efficient way to the desired outcome.

The group size varies from 4 to 20 participants


Our Facilitation Tool Kit

The guiding principles for our ineractive problem solving seminars


1 The 7 Magic "Total Quality" Tools

  • Pareto Chart
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Block Flow Diagram
  • Histogram
  • Correlation Chart (X/Y Plots)
  • Run Charts
  • Control Chart

2 Traditional brain storming
3 Idea Collection and grouping
4 Affinity Planning
5 Network Identification
6 Voting & ranking variations
7 Stunning visualiztion of results

You know "it" after you have seen "it"!


  • The overriding objective of each event is to solve problems and identify opportunities for improvment
  • The facilitator / moderator acts as process expert, but does not interfere with the subject matter
  • The facilitator guides through the process and produces the event summary and distributes outcomes to participants (Photo and written protocol)
  • Each participant is active contributor to the outcome of the event
  • Setting priorities and developing action plans with clearly defined roles and responsibilies
  • Since part of the meeting sequences are anonymous or semi-anonimous, we avoid hierarchical dominance

Priority setting tools

First we collect a comprehensive list of actionable items and then each member receives the same number of votes to prioritize the items in terms of their overall importance (anonymous process!). After counting the votes, the rank order is then established to set the priority order and Sequence.

The Problem Priority Matrix

  • The Items are voted in terms of overall importance and then various clusters of importance are formed
  • Each project then is voted for overall sense urgency required
  • Based on the importance and urgency dimensions projects are then placed into the matrix
Matrix 11