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The Place to get World-class Marketing, Forecasting and Management Expertise

We offer our seminars as 1 - 2 day programs in group sizes up to 16 participants. These courses are a combination of theory and practice. During the theory sections we review all the frequently used techniques in the industry and in the case studies we put the learnings into practice. Group presentations at the end of each seminar provide a forum for active exchange of ideas among seminar participants. In our Webinars we break each program down into 1 hour modules and the participants can select individual modules based on their individual learning needs.



New Product Forecasting & Modeling


Marketing for Value


In this cutting edge seminar we go far beyond the traditional forecasting techniques used by most Pharmaceutical Companies.
We cover traditional statistical methods like regression, exponential smoothing, time series decomposition and multivariate techniques. For new products we explore in-depth various techniques including dynamic patient flow models as well as life cycle pattern transformations. This seminar is a must for everybody involved in forecasting in the Pharmaceutical Industry.



This seminar is designed to teach all up- to-date techniques in the marketing process in the Pharmaceuitcal Industry. We start with a comprehensive review of the product assessement in a competitive environment. The course focuses then on key elements of portfolio manegement, product marketing strategy and tactics uncluding product positioning and promotional tactics. Market segmentation / target audience and sales force strategy are also included in the overall program. The groups prepare in the case study a complete marketing plan including budgets and product P & L. Group presentations at the end of the program provide a forum for idea exchange and discussion.



Market Research in the real World


Quality Management


This course focuses on the various market research techniques used in each phase
of the product life cycle. (from pre-clinical development to post patent phase)
We cover the most frequently qualitative
and quantitative market research
(Audits, Internet, Focus Groups, in-depth interviews, Conjoint Analysis etc.)
In case studies we design research plans
and develop complete market reseach
projects (quantiative and qualitative).

This program is designed to cover all tools and techniques used in the Total Quality Management process (TQM). With practicle examples we map / analyze and improve business processes. We cover various problem solving methodologies. Through the practicle application of the quality manegement tools we identify and eliminate waste. In case studies we apply concepts like cycle time reduction, Zero defects, waste elimination and continuous improvement.