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Project Management on-site and on-line


We offer our Project Managment Capabilities on-site, on-line and in combination.

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What are the Components of a Project?

Our general Process


Each project deals with the following elements:

  • Overall project objective & goal
  • A project leader / manager
  • Individual tasks to be completed
  • Timing of each task (time lines/dead lines)
  • Process describing the tasks (how) and time dependencies
  • Resource requirements (People, time, equipment, materials, supplies, cash)
  • Overall budget
  • Who is doing what, when and how?
  • Who is receiveing the output of each task?
  • The key objective of successful project management is to keep everything "on track" until the project is successfully completed.
  • Every project team member and the management need at any time during the project to know the answer to the following questions:
  • Who is doing What, When, How, resource requirements and expected end date for each task.




  • Project initiation & scoping (Face to face meeting, video conference or tele-conference between client and us)
  • Identification and assignment of project team members including project manager
  • Agreement on communication process and tools (face to face meetings, video conferencing, Skype, web-ex, tele-conferencing, e-mail or a combination of communication tools)
  • Initial budget and overall time line
  • Project manager and team memers develope high level project plan
  • Project manager works out detailed task plan with individual project team memebers
  • Detailed project plan communicated and agreed upon
  • Start of project
  • Continuous communication among all project team members
  • Resolve conflicts, problems ASAP
  • Completion of project
  • Communication of final results to management and all project team members
  • Post mortem ananlysis (what went right, what went wrong, how can we improve next time?

How to select the "right" Opportunities