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Marketing for Value Seminar


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This 2 day Program is designed to introduce the participants to key elements of the Commercialization Process for a New Product Launch. During this course we also cover currently marketed Products and Post Patent / Life Cycle Management Strategies


Key Learning Objectives for this course are:

  1. Understanding the healthcare systems in the US and Europe
  2. The impact of healthcare reform on the commercialization of pharmaceuticals
  3. New product assessements in various stages of product development and launch period (pre-clinical to launch)
  4. Competitive analysis / product differentiation / product positioning / comparative performance profile / pricing
  5. How to craft a marketing strategy
  6. How to write a marketing plan
  7. How to build a marketing budget
  8. How to build a product P&L, including forecasting
  9. Understanding of the NPV and how value is created during the life cycle of a product
  10. Detailed understanding of all phases of the product commercialization process from pre-clinical stage to launch
  11. Tactical plan and promotional mix
  12. Post patent strategy

Case Studies

  • During the 2 day program we work on real life case studies
  • We have case studies from various therapeutic areas (CV, Metabolism, Antiinfectives, Anti virals, oncology etc.)
  • We have case studies for the primary care market as well as case studies in the hosptal environment.

Who should attend this course?


This seminar is designed for:
Associate Product Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, New Product Managers, Market Research Manangers, Consultants.

This course is designed for everybody in the healthcare industry who needs expertise in the marketing area



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