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Quality Management Principles, Practices, Tools and Techniques


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The 2 day comprehensive "must have" Total Quality Foundation


The 10 Magic Quality Tools / Concepts

Business Process Management


We cover quality management tools and concepts in theory and practice. With our hands-on exercises participants will learn how to apply powerful concepts

  • The Pareto Principle / chart
  • The Fishbone Diagram
  • The Block Flow Diagram (Flow Chart)
  • The Histogram
  • The Correlation Chart
  • The Run Chart
  • The Control Chart
  • Set of Check Lists for Management processes
  • Set of powerful "2 by 2's"
  • The Time Management Matrix

During our two day program we cover a set of business process management principles and practices

  • The case for business process improvement
  • Understanding how business processes cut through the organization (cross functional business processes)
  • Functional / hierarchical versus matrix organization
  • Understanding processes and how to improve processes and results
  • The 7 ways of quality improvement
  • Benchmarking and process improvement

Problem Solving Methodology


How to select the "right" Opportunities